PICNIC is the first impact investment fund that focuses specifically on investing in existing community organisations and projects that deliver social and environmental impact through parks and green spaces.  We are working in partnership with broader initiatives such as Future Parks Accelerator to create a pioneering new framework to protect the nation’s green assets for the future.

Our parks and green spaces are part of our national heritage. There have been numerous studies which highlight the importance that natural spaces have on our health, the environment, local communities and their surrounding areas.

Natural Capital Accounts commissioned by National Trust found that for every £1 of investment in urban parks, around £36 of benefits are generated. Despite this, investment in parks is at an all-time low and patient, affordable finance for community driven enterprises operating in the sector is not readily available.

PICNIC aims to unleash the potential in these park-based community enterprises through a combination of flexible financing and mentoring. Our goal is to create sustainable business models from grassroots up, to grow into thriving business ecosystems benefiting parks and the communities they serve.

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