PICNIC Term Sheet

Fund size:

£3.3 million

Investment type:

Unsecured term loans

Funding available:

£25,000 to £150,000

Repayment period:

3 to 7 years (5 years average)

Flexible features:

Up to 24 months repayment holiday

Up to 20% of the investment as a grant

Interest rates:

5 to 10% (8% average)


2% arrangement fee

Other requirements:

Proportionate and reasonable social impact reporting

Funding Criteria

The £3.3m PICNIC fund provides investments of between £25,000 and £150,000 to eligible organisations, which can be supported by up to 20% of the investment in repayable grant funding.

We tailor our funding to give projects time to generate sustainable revenue, and deliver specific and measurable social and environmental outcomes, before starting to repay the loan.

Our patient, affordable and flexible funding comes in the form of simple, repayable, unsecured loans repayable over 3 to 7 years.  If needed, we can also offer a grant to enhance or accelerate expected social or environmental impacts. Repayment holidays of up to 24 months may also be available.

We can invest in a wide range of community and social organisations, charities and profit-with-purpose businesses that deliver social and environmental impact in public urban greenspaces. Whilst organisations objectives will differ, we expect the funding to be used for projects and activities that promote:

  • Community cohesion and sense of belonging
  • Employment, Training and Education
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Health
  • Art, heritage and faith
  • Conservation of the natural environment

We are able to fund:

  • Working Capital
  • Equipment to support revenue streams
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of staff and volunteers
  • Equipment to support business functions, including finance, project management and governance
  • Other operating costs

If you would like to discuss your funding needs before applying please contact us today and we would be happy to help.

PICNIC is a member of Good Finance.

To learn more about social investment and understand whether it is suitable for your organisation, please visit the Good Finance website.